Stephanie, Participant Bali – 2019

“I had an amazing experience even better than I had imagined. A treat for my mind-body-spirit. A perfect place to do “The Work” with an excellent team of facilitators for each aspect.” “I needed to deal with some life issues and I needed a safe place to fall. A place to step out of my […]

Participant Bali – 2019

“The retreat has helped me to understand how our thoughts about eh past do not have the same control over how we live our lives” “I most certainly would recommend this retreat to others. It is well named as it causes us to stop and challenge our beliefs, which was something so new and refreshing […]

Participant Bali – 2019

“The range and detail of the menu was extraordinary, and the interface with the kitchen was extremely wonderful”

Brendan, Ireland, Participant Bali – 2019

“High expectation – totally surpassed. Experience was much broader than expected, and was also more intense than expected” “Gained experience in use of the basic skillset of The Work – incredibly usefull!! Significant exposure to Balinese culture. Wonderful involvement with team of likeminded individuals, from comprehensive backgrounds. Excellence of facilitators enabled the completion of a […]

Participant Bali – 2018

I gained more confidence in dealing with negative stuff I bring upon myself. Once in a lifetime! Mind-changer, life changer!

Signe, Norway, Participant Bali – 2018

This was a good start for a new chapter in life. I will treasure things more herafter. Making sure what I give myself is quality stuff – thoughts, food, work with my body….. it was like a re-set button. The Press Pause Retreat is like Eat, Pray Love – just closer to reality. A journey […]

Ireen, Amsterdam

A Gift Doing The Work with Nadine was and is always a gift. She is an excellent, warm and very experienced facilitator with whom it is impossible not feeling at ease with. She knows the art of listening en flows with you. She really lives and acts out: ‘loving what is’ and that’s the kind […]