Are you what you eat? And are foods the thing that leads to health and happiness?

See how to eat for health and well-being through a revolutionary view of Bio-Individuality on health and nutrition.

Yes, we are what we eat. But do you know the food we put on our plates is Secondary Food? We will talk about what are the factors of one’s health and happiness, understanding our Primary Food including relationships, career, physical exercise and spirituality.

I have my interest to learn about nutrition, when my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2008. She went through chemotherapy and she has been cleared from cancer since which we are very grateful of. From that, I started to do more research about what causes cancer. A lot of articles and research are out there, some contradicting. Depends on what you search. But I pulled some threads from what I learned and I believe, you are what you eat. If we eat a lot of food with lots of pesticides and fatty foods, over years, what can that chemical and fat become? Food becomes our blood.

I have had my grandaunt, aunt and uncle die of cancer. My father had strokes; he has fat arteries, diagnosed with high cholesterol. I hear so many people died of cancer and strokes. “Things get scary the older you get.” I thought to myself.

My interest in health and nutrition grew even more, the moment I had our daughter. Also when we moved to Brazil, a country where people love their picanha, Brazilian barbeque, melted cheese. I started to be more aware of the foods that are offered on the street. So, my thought and my reality were challenged. We moved to São Paulo when my daughter was 6 months old and with this little girl that I’m blessed with, I know that I have a chance to do it right, to live a healthy live, to give her love from early years of her life.

“It starts with me, it starts within the family.” My husband and I, as parents, we are the ones who are responsible what we exposed our kids with, what we put on the plate, the environment we put our family into, even the air we breathe in depends on which country, which town we choose to live.

I experimented with many types of diets and looked for quick fixes. In the end I couldn’t stick to one particular diet as they did not fit to my and my families requirements. And then I came across the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and their health coach curriculum which I enlisted in 2017. I learnt about the concept of Bio-Individuality, primary and secondary food and in this retreat I will be sharing with you this revolutionary concept. 

During the retreat we are going to offer:

  • Organic healthy meals (plant-based), carefully prepared diet to support your body and overall well-being
  • Introduction of the concept - what are the Primary Foods, what is Bio-Individuality and looking at health history
  • We will see how to eat for health and well-being - the approach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • A health and nutrition talk on how to apply it to your daily routines when you are back to your own environment
  • A cooking class with plant-based diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains