3rd Press Pause Retreat – Bali (23rd – 29th March 2020)

Press Pause Retreat is a life-changing experience.  Together, we go on a deeply personal journey into our hearts, minds and souls. The retreat offers a unique and extremely powerful combination of Jivamukti yoga, voice work, nutrition and nature firmly resting on the reflective and self-inquiry: The Work of Byron Katie.

Every experience within the retreat is based upon the authentic experience of ourselves, Frika and Nadine. We have both worked in the field of health and development for many years and have realised deeply the importance of self-care. We took time out of our activist lives and found ways to achieve a balance between our passion and our inner selves. We both re-trained, Frika as a Yoga Teacher and Health Coach and Nadine as a Certified Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie and we are now combining our energy and skills and offering workshops to others to share what we have learned, while still actively working in health and HIV. We are extremely passionate about self-care and this shines through everything. We are offering an opportunity to rest into yourself, to press pause on your life for seven days, rejuvenate and reconnect deeply with yourself.

Now in its third year, the retreat offers a programme that gives participants an opportunity to reflect deeply on all aspects of how our thinking affects our lives – working on relationships, communication, shame, finances, body and stress.  Carefully designed, each day builds on the one before.  We exercise our bodies through early morning yoga in nature each morning, followed by working with our voice to unlock our potential and truly enjoy the creative art of singing. Following a nutritious and delicious breakfast, we go on a silent walk through the tropical surroundings of the resort and gather for a day of identifying and questioning thoughts, tapping into the wisdom and freedom within – we take care of mind and body.  There is a lot of laughter and dance and some tears too – all emotions are welcome here. Through questioning our thoughts, self-realisation is possible and participants go home with a feeling of deep peace and joy together with the knowledge of how to support themselves in their lives (Testimonies)

A week of detoxification with a healthy meal carefully plan and crafted by our health coach Frika for our week-long stay, looking at its nutritional value to detoxify and nourish our body, using raw and organic spices, vegetables and tropical fruits that Bali has to offer. Meals are just food on a plate, it becomes living food only when prepared with love by resident chef Nita and her team. Kitchen team supports us all too thoroughly cleanse our liver and our bodies as we sample a variety of healthy juices, three delicious meals each day and a surprise afternoon treat – plant-based, local organic whole food.  As well as eating this delicious food, we learn about the nutritional value of each meal and it’s benefits to our bodies.  We enjoy some sessions on health coaching and nutrition and participants take part in a cooking class so that when they go home, they have the knowledge to make changes in their lives.

In between, there are beautiful spaces for silence, for walking, swimming and resting.

Mid-week, we take an outing to take part in the incredibly spiritual experience of Balinese Water Purification followed by a trip to the beautiful rice fields. 

We are privileged to welcome you to our 2020 retreat.  Spaces will be limited and early bird offer applies until 30th September 2019.


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The Work

THE WORK of Byron Katie


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I gained more confidence in dealing with negative stuff I bring upon myself.

Once in a lifetime! Mind-changer, life changer!

Participant Bali – 2018

I came with confusion and wondering, I go home smiling, with peace and ready to see the world.

Fediah, Indonesia, Participant Bali – 2018

This was a good start for a new chapter in life. I will treasure things more herafter. Making sure what I give myself is quality stuff – thoughts, food, work with my body….. it was like a re-set button.

The Press Pause Retreat is like Eat, Pray Love – just closer to reality.

A journey not only to Bali, but also a journey within me – all inclusive.

Signe, Norway, Participant Bali – 2018

A Gift
Doing The Work with Nadine was and is always a gift. She is an excellent, warm and very experienced facilitator with whom it is impossible not feeling at ease with. She knows the art of listening en flows with you. She really lives and acts out: ‘loving what is’ and that’s the kind of facilitator you need as a client. She gave me back The Work. I made myself believe I had to tackle all the ‘big and important’ things in my life and put those in one worksheet. That’s not fun and not very helpful. The hours with Nadine made me understand the meaning of doing The Work, as work, as pleasure, without judgments, curious and aware, being in the moment and amazed of it’s power and my own power. She taught me there is more in the details you might think. We laughed a lot, it was easy, sometimes painful, it was fun to look at my own beliefs and thoughts, turn them around. I got so many insights from it. She taught me to live my ‘living turnarounds’. Nadine held me, stayed with me, went with me on our journey. She is flexible, witty, humble and has an incredible gift in asking questions that are right on the spot and perfectly timed. I felt completely safe with her and open to question my thoughts. Nothing was a problem. You can do The Work on not finding the first sentence, for example. No judgment and that’s liberating. She taught me you can do The Work on any thought, question, belief while opening your heart. And that is easy with her.
She gives the perfect example. Nadine lives The Work, she is authentic, honest, clear, sharp and one of the most gorgeous and loving people I know! Thank you Nadine! Forever grateful.

Ireen, Amsterdam