Brendan, Ireland, Participant Bali – 2019

“High expectation – totally surpassed. Experience was much broader than expected, and was also more intense than expected”

“Gained experience in use of the basic skillset of The Work – incredibly usefull!! Significant exposure to Balinese culture. Wonderful involvement with team of likeminded individuals, from comprehensive backgrounds. Excellence of facilitators enabled the completion of a series of very challenging tasks in a supportive/safe environment”

“Exceptionally skillful and consistent mentoring/facilitation of Nadine”

“The blend of The Work-related seminar with singing, yoga, eating, excursions – great complementary of each other. Yoga to build resilience, singing as a release and means of celebrations – games/coaching skills, etc”

“In truth this experience should be presented to everyone – The Work is particularly relevant/necessary throughout our society”

“Nadine – you’ve reached perfection – don’t change a thing!”

“Frika – excellent colleague to work with at all levels”