Retreat – Overview

About this retreat

Do you ever want to ‘Press Pause’ on your life?  If so, this seven-day retreat is for you. Carefully crafted for those who are working hard and find little time to look after themselves, this retreat offers an opportunity to focus deeply on mind, body and spirit and come away feeling not only rejuvenated, but also taking tools with you for ongoing self-care.

This retreat is for busy people who work tirelessly under constant pressure, activists and advocates, individuals and couples who give their best to improve the lives of others – people who are close to burn out and anyone to whom it appeals.

This retreat has been inspired by the Facilitators’ personal experience. We have both worked in the field of health and development for many years and have realised deeply the importance of self-care. We took time out of our activist lives and found ways to achieve a balance between our passion and our inner selves. We both re-trained, Frika as a Yoga Teacher and Health Coach and Nadine as a Certified Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie. We are now combining our energy and skills and offering workshops to others to share what we have learned, while still actively working in health and HIV.

Our desire is to support the people who support others in a meaningful and holistic way to achieve balance in their lives. In this retreat, we are working on creating a balance of healthy body and mind. Supporting each participant to find what works for them to maintain well-being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We have an amazing curriculum planned and all you need is an open mind.

Please find below an article from the Guardian with more information on the Work of Byron Katie:
Byron Katie: ‘Just ask yourself, is that thought really true?’


Retreat schedule

A daily schedule will run from early morning till evening and includes:

  • A morning wake-up yoga and meditation
  • An organic healthy breakfast (plant-based), carefully prepared diet to support your body and overall well-being (no bacon & eggs – Sorry )
  • Gentle voice work with our guest facilitator Eimear
  • Morning session using The Work of Byron Katie
  • A long lunch break (2 h) for lunch and siesta
  • Afternoon session using The Work of Byron Katie
  • A healthy dinner
  • Optional after-dinner sessions


Besides this we will also offer:

  • Walks
  • Silence
  • Nutrition talk
  • Excursions

We have designed this intimate retreat for a group size between 8 - 12 participants.