Stephanie, Participant Bali – 2019

“I had an amazing experience even better than I had imagined. A treat for my mind-body-spirit. A perfect place to do “The Work” with an excellent team of facilitators for each aspect.”

“I needed to deal with some life issues and I needed a safe place to fall. A place to step out of my reality to do The Work so I can go back to a new reality I have changed. I find after many years of searching for answers I have found a process that really works for me.”

“Nadine is so great to work with, an amazing facilitator, you will feel safe and held which she guides you through The Work”

“Best health coach I have ever had, she walks the walk. Never ceases to amaze me. She explains so well and is so non-judgemental. I loved working with Frika. My life will never be the same after meeting her.”