Free Masterclasses

Press Pause is very excited to invite you to join us for our Masterclass FREE Online Series running once a month from April to August 2022. Together with the wonderful Frika and Eimear, Nadine will offer a taster of self-inquiry ‘The Work’ on a number of topics, including holistic health and voice creativity. Just a taster of what we offer in our incredible 7-day immersion Press Pause Retreat taking place on Lambay Island in September 2022.

April’s topic will be Stress and Overwhelm and it will be on Sunday, 17 April from 9:00-10:30 am Irish time. If you experience stress, feel overwhelmed at times and want to learn how to work with the thoughts that would cause your anxiety, this is for you. Frika will also focus on gut health and will offer her expertise in holistic health to the group. Follow the link for more details (link).