2nd Press Pause retreat in the beautiful Ubud, Bali concluded

A message published by Nadine, Facilitator of Press Pause Retreat shortly after the 2019 retreat. Full message with links online here.


Recently back from hosting our 2nd Press Pause 7-day retreat in the beautiful Ubud, Bali. Feeling really grounded and grateful for the wonderful experience we had there. The combination of daily yoga, together with singing, healthy and delicious food and The Work of Byron Katie flows like a stream – healthy mind, body and soul. We have just set the dates for our 3rd Press Pause Retreat – 22 – 30 March 2020. We will keep the group small, so contact us and let us know you are interested, and we can take it from there.

Sometimes we need more than words… I recorded a small video the last day I was in Bali as a way to share with those of you who couldn’t be there a little about the journey we went on and what I learned for myself – enjoy it here.

#Create the life you want….. reflecting before and after the Bali experience, it came to me that is 100% possible to create the life you want. I feel so excited to be doing this myself. To have a small seed of an idea – Frika (co-host of Press Pause) and myself reconnecting after eight years, sharing honestly our challenges respectively, with divorce and starting life over, and the toil of burn out after passionate activism. From that conversation ignited a spark of an idea – to give to others what we had discovered on our own journeys of wellbeing and self-discovery. It was really like that – there was a spark, a collaborative space for creativity, the desire and passion to make it happen and a belief that we could. And then we did it.

It takes time, and I love that these days unlike in my earlier activist days, I am not in a rush. Things happen when they happen without any forcing but with clear intent. Creating the life you want, including balancing wonderful children in our lives, jobs, responsibilities and passions. It feels good! I see it’s about taking small steps towards creating the life you want and then just noticing and flowing along with where life takes you.

Thinking about your own life – in what area of your life do you want to #createthelifeyouwant? Change starts with you and it starts now so check in with yourself – where in your mind and heart is there a spark? Who could you team up with? What would you just love to do?

So friends, summer is coming, we are lucky to have such a huge amount of wonderful light in Ireland with daylight from 5am to 10pm and still increasing. Lots of time for creativity.

If you are interested in what I am doing and want to experience it for yourself, I have a few workshops coming up soon and always the opportunity to work privately.

Love, Nadine x

PS: Excited to share with you an article recently published in the Irish Independent interviewing Byron Katie and giving a good description of the power of The Work online here.