Superior Suite – Yudistira, Bima & Jepun

There are 3 very unique rooms we call BIMA, YUDISTIRA and JEPUN.
BIMA is a traditional Balinese house on 2 floors. Upstairs the bedroom and living. There are no walls and is only closed with bamboo curtains in the evening. Downstairs is a beautiful bathroom and sitting area. Both floors with spectacular views of the garden and hills.
YUDISTIRA is a private suite at the end of this large property. It has a stunning view and is the most secluded of all our suites near the ARJUNA suit. Extra bed can be added.
JEPUN: This room has one queen bed. Close to the pool and breakfast deck. Suitable for older people whom you donā€™t want to walk to far. Extra bed can be added.

All rooms come with all modern amenities (except TV).